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Media and Communications training for non-profits

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Local Story marries video, still photography, and authentic narrative with hands-on training. We use non-traditional storytelling tools to turn "likes" into inquiries, and inquiries into advocacy for global NGOs, community organizations and local leaders. 



Local Story integrates staff training modules into each project. Experiential learning gradually shifts responsibility to local staff, building confidence and competencies as we go.

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Case Studies


Hope for Haiti partners with Local Story for long-term, in-depth training of its Haitian staff.  Working alongside two staff members, Local Story captures authentic stories about the day-to-day lives of rural Haitians, and the impact Hope for Haiti is having. Follow us on Instagram for the latest dispatches from the field. 


Big agencies want big stories, so when the US Agency for International Development needed to highlight the work it was doing for people with disabilities, they turned to Local Story to help tell authentic stories from community members in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia. For the Inclusive Education Symposium led by USAID, Local Story turned lectures and workshops into online learning modules that staff could access worldwide.


Smaller organizations require highly efficient solutions. From remote villages in Northern Thailand, Local Story created video stories, still images, and writing pieces  that are used to grow awareness and build strong advocacy for KHT. Most importantly for the organization, Local Story worked side-by-side with staff  to train them on effective storytelling. Click here to see some of the fundamental tools that are used.

Let's talk

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What Makes Local Story Different?

Local Story brings three distinct disciplines to each project: Storytelling, Education, and Community Development. It incorporates the best practices of sustainability and experiential learning to tell authentic stories and build your organization's capabilities. Here's a firsthand experience from one of our recent clients.


Who are you?

You're a community leader, a UN organization, a local NGO, with a story that needs to be told. You want to raise awareness on an important issue, improve advocacy, increase your donor base, and you'd like to learn how to do it yourself in the future. We'll show you how.

Email us. Call us. We want to hear your story.